700-799 Adoptive Parent

Int'l Adoption Training Program (online) (700AP)

International Adoption Training Program (IATP) is a Hague compliant system of education designed to educate on international adoptions and to prepare families for the exciting journey of adoption. This series is designed to engage various learning styles and provide interesting and realistic information to help prepare parents for the challenges and blessings that international adoption brings.

The International Adoption Training Program includes:
Online & Mobile access
10 Video IATP segment series (plus two supplements),
IATP Workbook
Online quiz access
12 Hour Minimum Certificate of Completion (Subject to vary between 12-16 hours dependent on content changes)
Free access & Certificate for the Top 10 Things Parents Should Know About Adopting an Older Child Course (1 credit hour)

The viewer will find the information presented in an easy-to-understand and engaging conversational style, with beautiful pictures of children and their adoptive families included throughout.

Important questions to encourage reflection and discussion about the reality that an adoptive family will likely experience are posed throughout the series. Of particular value are the interviews with adoption professionals, more than 100 Adoptive Family Perspectives and over 25 Adoptee Perspectives, where their feelings and experiences with adoption have been graciously shared and incorporated throughout the program. The IATP program is not simply a meeting of the minimum requirements for adoption education; rather, it is a clear and comprehensive training for the family that desires to truly understand and prepare for adopting a child from another country. Please note, your time commitment to complete the IATP will be higher than that which you are given credit for.

Upon completion, the viewer will have a thorough understanding of international adoption issues and should use the information presented to continue with preparation for parenting the internationally adopted child.

Additional units may be added or updated at any time. Upon purchase, users will generally have 60 days to complete the course material and may retain online access (including any updated course units) for 2 years from the date of initial purchase.

Course Credit: 14 hours

  • IATP Video, Workbook and Supplement Directions
  • IATP Workbook Formatted to Print.pdf
  • Seg 1 IATP Beginning Your Adoption
  • Seg 2 IATP Appropriate Expectations & Prep for Smooth Transitions
  • Seg 3 IATP - TBRI Fundamentals, Attachment Information
  • Seg 4 IATP Health, Medical and Nutrition
  • Seg 4 Supplement - International Adoption Clinic List
  • Seg 4 Printable Resource - Importance of Medical Evaluation and Assessment
  • Seg 4 Printable Resource - NCFA Pre-placement Medical Review.pdf
  • Seg 4 Printable Resource - NCFA Medical Info & Prep
  • Seg 4 Supplement - Medical Information and Preparation Supplement 1 - CDC 2020
  • Seg 4 Printable Resource - SPOON_NutritionStarterGuide.pdf
  • Seg 4 Printable Resource - AAP - Pediatrician - Trauma.pdf
  • Seg 5 IATP Sensory Needs, Occupational Therapy & Therapeutic Massage
  • Seg 6 IATP Transracial & Transcultural
  • Seg 6 Supplement - NCFA Transracial 2020 Booklet.pdf
  • Seg 7 IATP Additional Adoption Issues
  • Seg 7 Printable Resource - Respectful Ways to Talk about Adoption.pdf
  • Seg 7 Printable Resource - Positive Adoption-Conversations Articles
  • Seg 7 Printable Resource - An Adoption Guide for Grandparents.pdf
  • Seg 8 IATP Older Child Adoption
  • Seg 9 IATP Hague & UAA
  • Seg10 IATP Special Needs Adoption
  • 96.48(f) Resources
  • 96.48(f) Seeking Appropriate Help
  • 96.48(f) Parent Support Groups
  • Printable Resource Side-By-Side-Ebook Secondary Ttrauma.pdf
  • IATP Completion Test
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 2 years