700-799 Adoptive Parent

January 2023 ABI & NTDC Domestic Training Course Cohort 5 (clone)

ABI, in collaboration with the National Training Development Curriculum, is pleased to offer a training series for families adopting domestically. NTDC was created through a grant by the US Children's Bureau. ABI has made modifications to the course materials to best meet the unique needs of our adopting families. This course is completed in 8 units on a weekly basis.
  • 1 Introduction and Child Development
  • Dr. Bruce Perry Podcast Notes
  • Domains of Impairment in Children Exposed to Complex Trauma
  • Child Development Hand Out
  • Child Development Tip Sheets from birth to 18 years old.pdf
  • 2 Attachment & Bonding
  • Attachment Class January 17, 2023
  • Attachment Survey Each Parent Choose and Complete Option A
  • Examples of Relationship Promoting Activities
  • Four S's of Attachment
  • 3 Separation, Grief & Loss
  • Ambiguous Loss Haunts Foster and Adopted Children Article
  • Developmental Stages of Grief
  • Common Grief Responses in Children
  • 4 Trauma Related Behaviors & Informed Parenting
  • Trauma Related Behaviors and Trauma Informed Parenting
  • Predictable Escalating and Nonescalating Behaviors Chart
  • Identifying "States"
  • 5 Effective Communication & Managing Intrusive Qustions
  • Parent Sheet How We Describe Ourselves
  • Effective Communication & Managing Intrusive Questions
  • 6 Cultural Humility & Parenting in Diverse Families
  • 7 Mental Health Considerations & Impact of Substance Abuse
  • Alphabet Soup of Common Diagnosis
  • Intersecting Diagnoses
  • Parent Tip Sheet Childrens Mental Health
  • Impact of Substance Use
  • 8 Creating Stable, Nurturing, Safe Families & Connections with Birth Families
  • ABI Creating a Safe Nurturing Environment
  • ABI Connection with Birth Family After Adoption
  • Introduction the Trust Based Relational Intervention
  • ABI Domestic Program Process
  • Advice from a Birth Mom to Adoptive Parents
  • What is open adoption like for you as a birth mother?
  • A Young Mother's Adoption Story
  • Adoptees Speak
  • Tip Sheet Dos and Donts for challenging behaviors
  • Parent FAQ on Self Harming Behaviors
  • Parent Guide to Filling Out Safety Plan
  • Sample Filled Out Safety and Support Plan
  • Blank Safety and Support Plan
  • Beginning to Know You
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever